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Vintage Conn New Wonder II 'Chu' Alto Saxophone Original Nickel Plate, Serial #146835

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Product ID: 146835ConnChuAlto

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This is an original nickel plated C.G. Conn New Wonder II alto saxophone, serial number 146835. Manufactured in 1925, this is an early example of a New Wonder II. These horns feature key work with a trill G# in lower stack, palm F and Front F, finger nail file G# and a back door low Eb key. The body also showcases rolled tone construction. 
The body of the saxophone is in pretty straight forward condition. It has a few smaller size digns at this time but does not show any history of serious past repair. No past re-solders or past body damage. All of the original key work and key guards are present and in good shape. This saxophone is also with the original micro tuner neck. The neck is in very good condition and has never been pulled down. Its micro tuner is moving and not frozen. 
At this time it has been quite a while since anyone put any service work or serious playing on this alto. 
It will need to receive an overhaul before it can receive any playing. We are selling this alto in as is condition at a lower price. This item is ideal if you are looking for a blank slate to have your preferred tech completely go through.  
Ships in as is condition with original vintage Conn case.