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Vintage Conn New Wonder I C-Melody Saxophone in Beautiful Original Satin Silver Plate, #100563

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Beautiful horn, Gig Ready C-Melody!
Here we have a C.G. Conn 'New Wonder' series I C-Melody saxophone in original satin silver plate, with a gold wash to the bell, serial number #100563. The 'New Wonder' saxophone was a model that ran from 1915-1925 for series I, and 1925-1931 for series II, or the 'Chu Berry'. This horn was made in 1923, a series I, and the main differences in features are, the palm keys have posts beneath them, the G# key has a smooth rounded finish to it. The series I and II have more in common than can be said for their differences. They are keyed from low Bb up to palm F, with standard chromatic alternate fingerings, F#, side Bb, side C. Alternate trill fingerings in the lower stack can be found for G# and D# on these horns, as well as a front-F mechanism. Luckily, Conn included a micro-tuner neck on their C-Melody and alto saxophone necks; this horn’s micro-tuner turns smooth and holds its place well.
The C-Melody above is in fantastic playing condition currently, so we are going to let this one go as-is, with no extra repair work. It appears this horn got a basic repad in the last few years but was left unplayed. The pads are holding a seal well enough that it can play from palm F down to bell Bb with ease, no extra venting leaks from G# or the bis key, even the altissimo key combinations are sealing, so it's gig ready. It could, however, use a basic set up for some of the corks and long key regulations to improve playability.
There does not appear to be much more than a slight indentation on the front of the bell regarding past trauma, this horn seems to have been kept safe for 100 years!
Sonically, the New Wonder plays with a thick, warm, rich character and is very free blowing. This horn plays with a homogeneous tone from bottom to top, intonation is flexible with alto AND tenor reeds on a modern C-Melody mouthpiece, so be aware the tendencies on this horn are sharp up top, and flat down low. But once you figure out how this horn plays, it's very satisfying to rip through some tunes and scales.
This horn ships in as-is condition and its original micro-tuner neck and hardwood case.