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Vintage Conn 'Connqueror' 26M Alto Sax in Original Gold Lacquer #269233AN

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1935 EARLY Connqueror VINTAGE
Here we have a Conn 'Connqueror' 26M alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 269233AN. This alto was restored at one point, but the pads have aged, and it getting close to the time it needs an overhaul. The Connquerer was Conn's top-of-the-line instrument at the beginning of the 'Naked Lady', 'M' Series.
This is an early vintage of the 26M, it still says 'Connqueror' on the engraving even! The neck seems to be a transitional, double-socket, micro-tuner neck with the underslung octave key, and a funnel-shaped octave pip, the neck reads Nat. L; generally, the neck has an octave key that is 'V' shaped and fastens on either side of the neck. The 26M features sterling silver key-touches on the side keys, table keys, palm keys, octave key touch, and alternate F#. There are a lot of small points of adjustment added to this model on the back of almost every key action for precise regulations. The extra 'AN' at the end of the serial number is mysterious, Conn is known for having bizarre markings like this with no explanation readily available. 
The horn has retained a lot of the original lacquer, unfortunately it's showing a bit of wear and dents on the bow, neck, and some scrapes on the bell. The octave pip has been resoldered, and one of the keyguard feet for low Eb needs to be resoldered after a few dents are removed.
This 26M plays decently, it doesn't feel like it's sealing perfectly but working well enough on the pads to get a playtest. Eventually it will need an overhaul and have its set-screw situation addressed, some have been replaced, all the ones present seem to be turning freely. Sonically, this horn plays with a tremendous powerful and dark sound, with a quick response, and the mobility in the lower register is really accentuated by the pearl table rollers.
This horn will ship in as-is condition in a black box-style case with its original neck, seen in the photos.