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Vintage C.G. Conn Transitional 'Chu Berry' Alto Sax in Silver Plate - Serial #249124 - Art-Deco Engraving

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Product ID: 249124ConnTranChuAltSilArtDeco

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Unique Horn - Limited Engraving Run!
This is a vintage C.G. Conn transitional alto saxophone in silver plate, serial number #249124. These horns are all unique depending on where inside the transitional period they were manufactured, and what materials were on hand to craft the horn. The one pictured above has a wonderful art-deco engraving, a few features and improvements from the 6M model:
-Ergonomically shaped side keys
-Updated alternate F# key touch
-Improved RH pinky key touches
-Improved shape with wider surface palm keys
-Updated octave key mechanism featuring a U shaped keyguard
-Adjustable angle thumb rest
Features of the 'Chu Berry' model remaining:
-Iconic finger-nail file style G# key
-Back door trill D#
Aside from these notable features, the horn has standard key work from low Bb to palm F, standard front F mechanism, alternate trill G# in the lower stack, rolled tone holes, and a micro-tuner neck.
The silver plate is original, and the age of this 1931 horn is beginning to show signs of wear on key cups, long keys, and key touches; the original satin silver seems to be holding up nicely everywhere else. There's one Bb key-guard foot that needs to be resoldered, an indentation on the bell, and a few springs that need replacing.
The pads and materials on this horn are beyond their lifespan and need to be replaced before this horn can sing again. So we've got this one lined up to receive a full overhaul where we will disassemble, clean, and install all new materials and pads, as well as regulate the entire horn. Please allow us an 8-week turnaround time to complete the necessary repairs, as our repair shop is backlogged currently.
This horn ships in perfect playing condition with its original micro tuner neck and a box case.