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Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II 'Chu Berry' Alto Sax in Original Silver and Gold Plate #161061

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Product ID: 161061ConnNWIIChu2ToneAlt

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Unique, Beautiful, Two-Tone Gem
Here we have a vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder Series II 'Chu Berry' alto saxophone in two-tone silver body with gold plate keys, serial number #161061. This saxophone is on mostly original pads and could use a full overhaul to restore it to perfect playing condition. Our repair shop is backed up so we are offering it in as-is condition.
The New Wonder II is a continuation of the first series with improved key-work in the palm keys, a signature nail-file G# key for better grip. The horn is equipped with chromatic key work from low Bb, up to palm-F, front-F rocker included for extended high range. This one still has the trill G# and back-door Eb trill in the right hand lower stack keys. All the stack keys have real mother-of-pearl key touches, each key of the horn is driven by blued-steel needle-springs or flat springs. Some of these springs are forming rust and may need to be replaced, some are missing as well. The bell keys are split on the left and right side, with all the original cage-style key-guards.
The silver is showing some wear on around the thumb-rest, the gold plating is showing wear on the pinky keys for the right and left hands, and side keys. The bell engraving still is showing its gold inlay, there is a dent in the bell, a few dents in the bow, and a few indentations in the neck. The neck doesn't have any clear signs of pull-down, but the body-tube does show some bend. All is within realm of repairing.
These saxophones are great for a player looking for a very freeblowing alto with a big low end that gives a rich blend of warmth with a bit of edge. Their intonation is solid after an overhaul from a skilled tech. So if you're a player looking for a cheap horn with original plating this is a great project.
We will ship this horn in as-is condition with a contoured hard-wood case with plush purple interior.