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Vintage Buescher True Tone – Original Satin Silver and Gold Wash Alto, Serial #251121

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Beautiful Buescher True Tone
This is a very pretty vintage Buescher True Tone alto from 1929 in satin silver, serial number 251121. The alto is in amazing condition showing off its original silver finish with a gold washed bell flare. Its physical body is also very clean with no traces of major past repair. The saxophone has never received any solder repair. This saxophone is with its original neck with #1 stamp. It has never been damaged or pulled down. 
This True Tone came into our shop playing superbly on a good set of pads and fairly open key heights. The last person to work on it used a good set of leather pads with all of the original Buescher snap resonators. It plays with a very crisp response to air flow and while producing a powerful brilliant sound. All of the pads are still in great shape and have a tone of life left. The horn could probably stand some light service work in the near future but at the moment it is sealing up great and playing fabulously. 
These later True Tones showcase key work to high front F, trill G#, chromatic F# and a back door Eb key. This one is in particularly nice shape and is also an exceptional player. We are selling this one in as is condition, playing great on another shops re-pad. It ships with its original #1 neck and original case.