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Vintage Buescher True-Tone in Original Silver #199104

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Product ID: 199104BuescherAlto

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Exquisite True-Tone with a FRONT-F
Displayed above is a Buescher True-Tone alto saxophone in low pitch, bearing the serial number #199104. These saxophones were manufactured prolifically in the early 20th century. However, this particular instrument is not performing optimally due to its fairly worn pads, indicating the need for an overhaul to restore it to its full potential.
The True-Tone series comprised several distinct manufacturing iterations. This specific saxophone features a front-F mechanism and a modified left pinky table key set-up. These features seem common to us today, but in 1925 they were not known to be standard with every horn. Additionally, this horn offers trill G# and 'back-door' Eb trill options on the right hand, along with a chromatic F# key extension adorned with an extra pearl. The table has been extended to resemble later Buescher models, providing enhanced leverage for low Bb. Notably, both the upper and lower stacks boast genuine mother-of-pearl key touches.
Sonically, this saxophone is expected to produce a sweet, rich, warm, and slightly compact tone. While True-Tone saxophones typically offer a free-blowing experience, assessing this particular one is challenging due to its current condition.
Aesthetically, the saxophone is striking, with the majority of its original silver plating intact. Only the thumb-rest, chromatic F#, and modified table exhibit minor signs of wear or replating. Notably, there are no significant dents, aside from a slight ping in the bow. The body tube remains free from any noticeable bends, although the neck receiver appears to be missing its screw.
This saxophone will be shipped in its current condition, complete with its original neck, housed in a soft fabric, contoured carrying case. While this case may not provide extensive protection, it does feature a convenient side pouch for storing accessories and the neck.