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Vintage Buescher True Tone Baritone Saxophone - LOW PRICE - Serial # 262013

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Product ID: 262013BuescherBariTC

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This is a late vintage Buescher True Tone series bari sax to low Bb, serial number 262013. This bari came out just before the introduction of the Aristocrat, and is one of the better True Tone examples around. It's a great option for players looking for a bari on a budget.


This bari appears to have been relacquered long ago, and done extremely well. There is no signs of buffing on the engraving, which remains crisp and clean with none of the “smoothed over” look you see on a lot of old relacs. The sax has its fair share of dings and dimples, mostly around the bottom bow and upper crook, but most are just shallow dents that do not seem to affect play. The neck too has been slightly pulled down, but no cracks or serious past damage. Pads are not in bad condition, and while there are some leaks and you have to squeeze a bit in spots, the sax is playing decently.


This bari plays with definitive darker sound, and is more spread than focused, but still retains a warmer sound. Big, spread sound especially in the middle and lower registers. The sax could benefit from a good pro regulation, but you'd be hard pressed to find a bari that is playing at a better price. Ships in a hard case.