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Vintage Buescher True-Tone Baritone Sax in Gold Lacquer #235397 - Repair Tech Special

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Product ID: 235397BuescherTTBariGoldLac

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Here we have a common baritone from Elkhart, Indiana, a Buescher low-pitch True-Tone manufactured in 1928 serial number #235397. Buescher was on the tail end of a solid run, of the true tone, only a few years later they'd discontinue the model and begin production of 'The New Aristocrat'.
These horns are equipped with full chromatic key work from low Bb up to palm F, key touches for the upper and lower stacks are real mother-of-pearl while the rollers for the pinky keys are hard rubber. The pinky keys have the updated keywork later used on the 'New Aristocrat' model, with a solid brass G# key. All Buescher horns are single-post construction, meaning there is no ribbing on the right side connecting the whole upper stacks keywork together.
Everything appears to be moving properly, but the materials are very old on this horn, it needs a full overhaul before it will play properly. This instrument has been worked on over the years numerous times, so it has had a lot of blued-steel needle-springs replaced, some are broken, so even more replacements are needed. Unfortunately, most of the original silver plating has been removed, the horn was then re-lacquered with a dark honey-gold lacquer. The lacquer job is a bit spotty and shows some copper hues as well as silver spots left over which give a humanistic charm across the whole horn. To add to the charm, all the original snaps were removed at some point, and a few posts re-soldered. Repair techs would view this horn as a parts horn, but we believe it can be restored to playing by a skilled technician.
When restored, the True-Tone will make a lovely, lush, sweet, and spread tone. If you can handle the ergonomics of early American split-bell key horns, this horn could be your calling for a cheap bari. As it is, it does not play, sadly.
We will ship this instrument with its original neck in an old Protec wedge bari case.