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Vintage BD Dukoff Hollywood 4* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Serial # D628

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Product ID: D628Dukoff4STenorWT


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BD Hollywood for Tenor

This is a classic Hollywood vintage “BD” Dukoff metal mouthpiece for the tenor sax, serial number D628. This piece was originally stamped a 4* and while it has been refaced at some point in its life, it is still measures similar to original stamping at .080”. Like the majority of old Dukoffs, this piece shows a fair amount of finish wear around its body, but all is purely cosmetic. The facing is in good overall shape, with one minor ding to the right side of the tip rail which does not seem to affect play/seal at all. The bite plate has been replaced awhile back, and the newer one matches well and has no teeth grooves/playing wear. Plays with a big, bold sound, and the smaller facing offers better control than some of the bigger stuff, though you should match it with a harder reed for best results.