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Unique Vintage Holton C Melody Sax Mouthpiece w/ Shank Tightening Screw

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Product ID: ISI13212HoltonCMelTC

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This is a unique oddball mouthpiece for collectors out there. We’ve all seen the old Holton mouthpieces with a metal interior (tip, rails, chamber, etc), but this one extends down to a tighten screw. This was designed as such that the mouthpiece would go onto a neck with no cork. Not a great idea, because I imagine there’s a much greater chance of air leaking around this joint vs a traditional corked neck, but Holton was always experimenting. This piece, for the C Melody saxophone, is in very good physical condition, with only light cosmetic wear from light use. There’s an indent in the beak from teeth, but no other wear to speak of. The facing measures .058”.