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ULTRA RARE Detachable Bell Buescher C Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 281102

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Product ID: 281102BuescherCSop


HELP, I Want One!


Gorgeous custom restored Buescher C soprano sax, serial number 281102. This is one of the extremely rare “detachable bell” Bueschers, with a soldered-on bell as seen in the photos. Buescher experimented with these soldered-on bells on their straight altos and tipped bell sopranos, but finding them on regular straight sopranos is nearly impossible. I've only ever seen a couple of these in my lifetime, and only one other that featured keywork to high F like this one (the others were high Eb). This one has been restored with all new silver plate and deluxe custom engraving.


The serial number dates this sax to 1937, inside the Aristocrat era for Buescher. It is in flawless physical condition with no signs of past damage or repair. It has been restored with all new shiny silver plating (just starting to tarnish in between the keys) with beautiful custom floral engraving extending up the length of the body tube. It was repadded in another shop, who thankfully retained the original Buescher snaps. While it won't get our full set up, it will get a bench test before shipping to make sure pads are properly sealing.


If you aren't big into saxophone collecting, you might not realize how unique this horn is, but it really is a holy grail for a lot of serious collectors out there. If you've been on the hunt for one of these, don't let this one pass you by! Ships in a good vintage hard case.