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The Kohlert '55' German Vintage Alto Saxophone #22891

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Mid-50s Alto
Here we have a Kohlert '55' alto saxophone in gold lacquer, made in Germany 1955, serial number #22891. This saxophone has seen a lot of use, is on a mismatch of very old pads, some original, needs an overhaul, but is still partially playing through leaks.
The Kohlert 55 comes with standard chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm-F, front F mechanism included, ergonomically curved side E key for easy reach, and a left pinky key table reminiscent of a Buffet Dynaction design. The bell engraving utilizes geometric shapes, triangles and a pentagon, to decorate the logo and this simple design is charming and unique. All the tone holes on this horn are drawn and rolled, which had gone out of style 10 years prior with the US manufacturers.
Physically this horn has been played for decades clearly, a lot of the lacquer is worn off, there are resolders under a few posts suggesting past dent work, dents in the bow and neck, the pads are a mix of a few pads over different decades. Not all the blued-steel needle-springs are in great condition either and need to be replaced. A complete overhaul would do this horn wonders, as it has great potential to be a great horn. New pads, resonators, a partial re-spring, disassembly and cleaning, as well as addressing key fit and dents would bring about a second life as this is obviously a player's horn.
Sonically, it's easy to tell why it looks like it was played so long, it has a thick, dark sonic character across the full range, with a bit of edge in the first octave. The horn projects with ease as it's free blowing even with a big dent in the neck. Jazz players who love dark horns at a fraction of the price of a Selmer would enjoy this horn. After an overhaul, the fullness of tone will return and the intonation will dial in.
This horn will ship in as-is condition. Will include its original neck and a blue leather exterior, hardwood box-case with room to store a left-side bell-key horn.