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Ted Klum FocusTone Precision Model 7* for Tenor Saxophone in Rhodium Plated Brass

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Ted Klum FocusTone Precision
This is a very nice Ted Klum FocusTone Precision 7* for tenor saxophone in rhodium plated brass. Ted is is a phenomenal craftsman and it is always a pleasure when one of his pieces come through our shop. This one is in great physical condition around the beak and outer body showing some light play wear from past use. The facing profile also shows a little bit of wear from past reed placement but nothing too serious. Its rails and tip are in excellent condition. 
This mouthpiece is fantastic for the players who are after a flexible Blue Note era vibe on a modern mouthpiece. These pieces are smooth in response and always seem to have the perfect amount of positive resistance. This one in particular features a beautiful warm color with outstanding clarity. 
The tip opening of this piece measures .106”.