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Sweet Old CG Conn New Wonder Series Sopranino Sax in Eb - Serial # 141248

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Product ID: 141248ConnSopranino

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Here's a cool old “toy” to round out the collection: a vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder series sopranino sax in Eb, serial number 141248. With a range to high Eb, this little saxophone is about the smallest you'll typically see today.


This saxophone was relacquered long ago, and stands in good overall physical condition. There's one tiny patch on the upper body tube near the octave key thumbrest. I'm not sure it's purpose, as it predates the relacquering and I see no obvious past damage around that area, but there's a photo in the spread showing it. No other past repairs that I can see on the horn. Pads are in decent shape, soft and sealing for the most part, though the sax could use a good adjustment to be optimal. With our shop backed up for months, we've decided to sell this one as-is.


Playing this little sax is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a decent soprano player, you can get it going. It's all in the embouchure! Clean tone and good response. This sax does ship in a hard case.