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Superb Condition Yamaha Custom YTS-875 Tenor Sax in Gold Lacquer - Serial # 003780

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Product ID: 003780Yamaha875Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Fantastic condition first series Yamaha Custom YTS-875 tenor sax, serial number 003780. This tenor is in tremendous shape and remains a popular horn today, even against the current Yamaha EX and Z models. Very versatile, this tenor can do anything from jazz to rock to the concert band setting, and excel at them all.


Despite being a few years old, this horn looks fantastic. There's some scratching on the backside of the tube, where the horn may rest against the player during use, but no other major lacquer wear of note, even on the touch points/keys. The original Custom M1 neck has never been pulled down or damaged, and there are no dents or resolders anywhere on the sax. All in sterling shape. Pads remain in great shape too, and the sax will get a fresh cleaning and pro set up from our repair shop before shipping, where we'll replace any pads not up to snuff (using brown nylon resonators to match the original factory ones), as well as all key adjustment corks and felts. While we're in there, we'll also optimize spring tensions and key heights back to factory specs and tighten up the action, so that it feels like a new horn again.


When I say versatile, I mean it. I play-tested this tenor with both a Selmer Concept and a Vandoren Jumbo Java, and it didn't blink an eye no matter what I wanted to do with it. Lots of edge and punch when called on, but also can play warm and lush when you take it down a notch. Great horn for any gig you need to go to. Ships in its original purple Yamaha case, which is also in amazing shape.