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STUNNING! Original Silver Plated Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Alto Sax # 33075

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Our Price: $ 5,800.00

Product ID: 33075SelmerSBAAltoTC

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This is a gorgeous, early series Selmer Super Balanced Action alto saxophone, serial number 33075. This alto was produced in 1946, the first year of the Selmer Paris SBA. You'd never guess it was it was approaching 80 years old by its looks, as it appears to have spent much of its life tucked away in its case. Currently in our repair shop in line for a cleaning/polishing and repad, it will ship out to you in perfect playing shape.


There's some tarnish throughout on the original silver plating, but little physical wear of note. Absolutely no major dents/dings and no previous repairs, including no resolders. The original neck has never been pulled down or damaged. There is just very minor finish wear on a couple touch points here and there, but overall the factory original plating is 98% intact. Even the original pearls/touches look perfect. A real gem!


It had been many years (decades) since this alto was last repadded, so we're going to do this one up right. Full disassembly, cleaning (including hand polishing to make the silver shine like new), all new pads/corks/felts, and regulation, all included in the price. We'll use premium firm leather pads and oversized seamless metal resonators for an original look and feel. Finally, we'll optimize spring tensions and key heights up and down, taking everything back to factory specs.


Currently playing through some leaks, I can still tell this horn has everything you want from a vintage Selmer Paris. Not as focused as a Mark VI but it still has that famous warm/dark core, it responds quickly to your air and voices the sweetest sound you'll hear. A truly spectacular premium Selmer Paris alto for discerning collectors.