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Stunning Original Pan-American Alto Sax w/ Cool Engraving - Serial # 165935

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Product ID: 165935PanAmAlto

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This is a unique horn we haven't seen before. This is a vintage original lacquer Pan American alto sax, serial number 165935. A Pan Am isn't unique you may say, but this one is in exceptional condition and features a very cool engraving pattern, much more elaborate than most of the Pan Am's out there. It's a neat find for lovers of these old American-made saxophones.


This alto is in tremendous shape, with no major lacquer wear and no signs of past damage or trauma. Everything looks crisp and “new.” There are holes drilled into the palm D and Eb keys (see photos); I can't ascertain the reasons behind that, but it is what it is. The original neck is in pristine shape. These horns were manufactured by Conn and has a very similar key layout as those famous saxophones.


This sax has a few original pads but many have been replaced at some point. Even the “newer” pads are getting up there in years though, and the sax is not playing well as it sits. We would recommend anywhere from 3/4's to a full repad to really make the sax right, but given that the key fitting is all still really good, it should be a very straight forward job. We are selling it as-is, in hopes that its next owner can get into it at a low price. Ships in a vintage Selmer Bundy case.