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Saxquest 'The Core' Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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The Core
This is the Core mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The Core is a versatile mouthpiece catered to the modern straight ahead jazz saxophonist who desires a free blowing dark sound with out sacrificing sonic definition. These pieces harbor all the complexity of the Great Neck era hard rubber Brilharts blended with the ease of play and clear projection of a classic Link.
The internal layout of the Core consists of a medium chamber with a wide open throat leading into the rounded inner side walls. It also features a very present rolled baffle shaping below the tip rail. The efficiency of the facing profile and baffle allows for precise clarity while the internal chamber keeps the heart of the sound lush and warm in color. The Core showcases the most most robust sound of all the Saxquest mouthpieces.
The Core was designed by sax guru and mouthpiece tech Dr. James Bunte. Every Core mouthpiece is hand finished to perfection and thoroughly play tested by Mr. Bunte before being sent to Saxquest. The Core is the perfect choice if you are searching the character of a warmer playing vintage hard rubber mouthpieces like Brilhart and Otto Link.
These days more and more professional players are getting off of their old vintage pieces and are switching to the Core. Here you can see a video of St. Louis saxophonist Austin Cebulske play testing a Core 7*.  Austin personally played on a Core 7* during his tenure in the Funky Butt Brass Band.
In order to keep the price on all of our mouthpieces at a lower premium we sell them with out a ligature and cap set. If you would like to add a ligature to the purchase please make the selection from the drop down menu while adding the mouthpiece to the your cart. 
If you have any questions regarding the Core or availability please contact us directly at zac@saxquest.com