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Saxquest 'The Bridge' Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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The Bridge - Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone
This is the newest version of “The Bridge” from the Saxquest line of mouthpieces. The Bridge is designed as a flexible straight ahead jazz tenor mouthpiece not shy on power or projection. It matches the classic characteristics of a Florida vintage slant signature with needs of the modern jazz tenor player. The result is an incredibly efficient piece that has an immense sound, wide dynamic range and huge fun factor.
The trick with all of the Saxquest mouthpieces was to build in harmonic complexity while manipulating sound concepts such as brightness and darkness all the while maximizing the efficiency and keeping the resistance point to where it matches the chamber volume and gels with a variety of tip openings.
Each piece is machined from ultra-premium solid German bar stock hard rubber. Its turned on a CNC controlled high precision lathe and then milled on an absolute state of the art 5-axis vertical mill. Shaping of the throat, baffle & tip rail; profiling of the chamber; under-cutting of the side walls, and cutting of the window is all accomplished using three strokes per pass. This results in fabulously tight tolerances which leads to incredible consistency from piece to piece.
In order to keep the price on all of our mouthpieces at a lower premium we sell them with out a ligature and cap set. If you would like to add a ligature to the purchase please make the selection from the drop down menu while adding the mouthpiece to the your cart.