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Saxquest 'The Bridge' 6* 1st Gen Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor – E.F.

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Product ID: SQUBridge6sTen


HELP, I Want One!

Finished by Eric Falcon - .098
This is a first generation example of “The Bridge” in a 6* facing. These early pieces were slimmer in size around the outer body and had a more pronounced rolled baffle below the tip rail. This one has been played on some in our office but has never seen serious use and has never been owned. It does have some light wear around the outer body and the profile shows signs of general use. Because it is not cosmetically perfect and is not the most current version of the piece we are offering this one at a used price.  
These pieces were all made from German bar stock hard rubber and hand finished by mouthpiece tech Eric Falcon. The tip opening on this piece measures .098”.