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RESTORED C.G. Conn EEb Contrabass Sarrusophone, serial #77000

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Fully Restored
This is a rare instrument, a freshly-overhauled C.G. Conn low-pitch EEb contrabass sarrusophone in raw brass, serial number 77000. Invented by Pierre-Louis Gautrot, and named after a French bandmaster, Pierre-Auguste Sarrus, who served in the military for decades. The sarrusophone lends its body's design to the ophicleide and the fingering system is similar to the saxophone. The instrument remains 'compact' because of its two and a half wraps of completely conical brass tubing.
At the time of this one's manufacture (1921) the sarrusophone had been in existence for about 66 years and was being written into new orchestral pieces. It even had an obscure feature in a Clarence Williams' Blue Five cut 'Mandy Make Up Your Mind'. These soon would fall out of favor and their manufacture was discontinued.
The sarrusophone has a range similar to the saxophone, it goes as high as open C# and goes as low as Bb. It is a transposing instrument, so the lowest note sounds a concert Db1. There are three octave keys, so be mindful of the fingering charts. All key touches are raw brass, there are post stoppers for many key actions, everything is driven by blued-steel needle-springs. The tone holes are drawn and rolled. The right hand pinky table has pearl rollers. There are two neck strap rings leading up to the receiver for the bocal. The bocal for this horn is also raw brass.
The way this instrument plays is best described as spread, rich, and with little resistance. You may notice that this instrument was playtested in the video on a modified saxophone mouthpiece, this was fun, and a bit easier for us saxophonists to playtest the instrument. It will take a double reed and tune just as well.
This instrument was disassembled, cleaned, and given a full replacement of pads, resonators, felts, corks, screws and rods (where needed) by our own repair technician, Josh Creekmore. All key fit and regulations have been dialed in, low friction Teflon was added in 'key' areas to ensure smooth effortless action on this old horn. The combination of felts, and corks give the keys a positive feel when depressed, the low range feels great in the hand, and it plays especially easily.
Most of the posts, key’s saddles, and keys have been resoldered, some long keys have been modified, some have been brazed back together. All of this work was done in the extensive restoration repair service and the instrument is in perfect playing condition ready to ship.
We will ship this instrument in perfect playing condition with its brass bocal included. No case, reeds or mouthpiece are included with this instrument, but it will be bubble wrapped well and professionally packed for transport.