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Repadded Original Lacquer Yanagisawa S6 'Mark VI Style' Soprano Sax - Serial # 00146239

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Product ID: 00146239YaniS6Sop

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Wonderful condition vintage Yanagisawa S6 series professional soprano sax, serial number 00146239. This model, fashioned after the Mark VI and featuring similar keywork to that famous horn, is keyed to high F# and has recently been fully restored by another pro shop. It has all new pads and material and plays and feels great.


The original lacquer on this soprano is in tremendous shape, over 90% intact, with minor lacquer wear mostly on some keys here and there as seen in the photos. No major past trauma to the horn; in fact, I see evidence of just one small ding removed on the tube just south of the thumb rest. No other past repairs that I can spot, and the bell flare has never been bent. The sas was repadded just before coming to our store, using Prestini pro leather pads matched with brown plastic resonators. The action is crisp under your fingers and everything feels tight and fluid with no lost motion. A quality job that meets our expectations for such a fine instrument.


Sonically, this soprano blows comfortably with a tone that is very flexible and strong. Not as bright as a comparable era Mark VI soprano, nor as dark as a later vintage Yanagisawa, it meets somewhere in the middle, giving you a lot of options to take it in any direction you like, depending on what mouthpiece you pair with it. A good all-around horn and a lot of fun to play!