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RARE! Vintage MC Gregory Master Hollywood 6 20M Bari Sax Mouthpiece - Serial # 9631

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Product ID: 9631GregMasterBariAS1


HELP, I Want One!

This is a super rare MC Gregory Master Hollywood series mouthpiece for the bari sax, serial number 9631. We see these pieces for alto and tenor fairly regularly, but this is the first bari one we've had in years, and it is in pristine condition. Only very faint cosmetic scuffing around its large body, with no deep scratches or playing wear of note. Tip, rails, table, and beak are all flawless. This piece was originally a # 6 facing and 20M (large) chamber, but does appear to have been touched up at some point, though not opened very much, measuring .102” (just a bit over a traditional # 6). The work is top notch and no work was done to the original baffle/chamber configuration. Tremendous mouthpiece for players and collectors alike.