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PRISTINE Restored CG Conn F Mezzo Saxophone - Serial # 213787

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Product ID: 213787ConnFMezzo


HELP, I Want One!

Absolutely gorgeous, MINT CG Conn F Mezzo saxophone, serial number 213787. Produced in the “Chu Berry” era, this sax has all of the features you'd expect from those horns: rolled tone holes, fingernail file G#, etc. Often called an F Mezzo soprano, it looks more like a small alto, being a full step above the Eb alto. This is a great horn for collectors, but is a sweet player too and has a timbre that fits in nicely between the soprano and alto.


The original silver plate on this sax (with gold wash inside the bell) is as close to flawless as you'll find, easily 99%+ intact. There isn't even any discernible wear on the touch points. The original neck has never been damaged and it too is perfect. No damages, dents/dings, resolders, or previous repairs anywhere. Just perfect, and a prime example of this rare and unique instrument.


This sax was repadded recently using leather pads matched with brown plastic resonators. The set up isn't ideal, so to really make it perfect, it is going to go through our shop and get a full pro set up/adjustment. We'll open up the key heights, optimize spring tensions for an even feel, and replace any material not up to our standards. It will really sing when our work is completed, and all is included in the price.


I'm spoiled by having worked at Saxquest for so many years, but I forget how many people have never played a sax in the key of F. This “little alto” does sound more like a soprano, but with the fullness and body of its larger sibling. Extremely free blowing, with a lightning-fast response, and it has all of the warmth and color you'd want. An all-around amazing sax, in a condition you are unlikely to see anywhere else.