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Post- 'Top Hat and Cane' Buescher 400 Alto Saxophone - Serial # 377147

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Product ID: 377147B400AltoTC

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This is an early 1960s vintage Buescher 400 series (model S-5) alto sax, serial number 377147. This model came just after the 400 Top Hat & Cane and is very similar to that model, with the same key layout and body tube design.


This alto looks to be a very old relacquer, and one of the best jobs you'll see. Almost certainly a factory job, as the engraving on the bell and the stamping on the bad all remain crisp with no signs of buffing. The sax has a couple tiny pings from honest use, but no serious past dent work outside of the bell flare, which is currently bent along one side. The original neck has a very slight pull-down, but easily corrected. Now all the good: the sax retains all of its original snap-in metal resonators and the majority of its original gold plated Norton springs. Both of these were discontinued not long after this alto came out, so it is nice to still find them on this one.


This alto came to us on very old pads that are leaking badly, and it is currently in need of a repad. We are offering the sax as-is at a lower price, but we're happy to do the work if you like. Our overhaul would include full disassembly and cleaning, all needed dent work, and new pads/material throughout. We can bring the sax back to factory specs and have it playing wonderfully. If the overhaul is selected, please allow 6-8 weeks for the work to be completed.


Longtime followers of Saxquest know that one of our repair techs, Ben, loves these later vintage Bueschers, and with good reason. They are really bargain horns for the amount of sound you can generate, and they are as responsive and as resonant as you will find on just about any sax out there. Properly overhauled, this alto will hang with horns priced well above it!