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Original Silver Wurlitzer American C Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 89214

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Our Price: $ 700.00

Product ID: 89214WurlitzerCSop

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Here's a cool old horn for collectors and at-home repair techs. This is an original silver plated Wurlitzer American soprano sax in the key of C, serial number 89214. This horn needs a repad, but if you have the time to bring it back to life, it is a great way to get into a C soprano at a low price.


C sopranos (and “C Melody” tenors) were once all the rage, but you don't see too many of either out in the wild these days. Being in the key of C, you could read right off the piano book without transposing. This example is in good physical condition, with 90%+ original silver plate intact and only minor previous repair. There's a bit of old dent work in the tube down by the bell, but no resolders or other noticeable past repairs. All keywork is intact and moves freely, with a range from low Bb to high Eb. This sax looks to have been last repadded a couple decades ago, though the previous owner more recently replaced a couple pads to get it to play. Still, it isn't playing great as it sits and in our opinion, will need most, if not all, of an overhaul to really be in good playing shape.


Currently playing through some leaks, this soprano should be a fine little horn once you get it up to snuff. Ships in a vintage hard case.