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Original Silver Plated Conn Chu 'Art Deco' Engraved Alto Sax - Serial # 242797

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Very pretty original silver plated C.G. Conn “transitional” Chu Berry era alto sax, serial number 242797. This alto has the body and keywork of a Chu (New Wonder II) with art deco style engraving. Currently playing through some leaks on older pads, it could really stand to be overhauled. With our shop backed up for months, we are offering it as-is, though would be happy to do the work if you like.


The photos don't do this horn justice. The original brushed matte silver body is in tremendous shape, with little finish wear to speak of, even on the touch points. Couple very tiny pings here and there, but no serious past dents or dent repair, and no resolders that I can see. The original neck has never been pulled down, and the microtuner mechanism works freely. Rolled tone holes have never been filed on. The horn really is a stunner top to bottom.


Pads have aged, and while you could probably “get by” with just replacing a few, to really make this horn sing, it needs a fresh repad. If you'd like us to do the work, select the option above, and price includes full disassembly and cleaning/polishing, all new pads and material, and proper adjustment. We'd get the sax playing better than the day it left the factory in 1930. Please allow 8 weeks from time of purchase to get that work done, if selected.


The further and further we get from Conn's golden years, the tougher it is getting to find these saxes in good shape, that haven't been messed up by bad techs over the years. This is a prime example of a horn that just needs a proper overhaul and it will be giving you years more of enjoyment.