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Original Silver Plate Frank Holton Alto Saxophone - Serial # 28387

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This is a cool old horn for collectors of some of the unique stuff. This is an original silver plated Frank Holton alto sax in Low Pitch, serial number 28387. This alto has a couple unique keys that you don't see. It features a trill G# in the right hand as well as a trill high Eb that is situated just over from your side E key in the right palm. The sax also as a teardrop front F which is very comfortable and far ahead of its time.


The silver plating on this alto is in tremendous shape, 99%+ intact with no real finish wear to speak of. There's a smattering of tiny pencil-point pings here and there but no major dents or past dent repair. Only one resoldered joint, on one foot of the low Eb keyguard. The original neck has never been damaged and is perfect. All in all, a beautiful sax top to bottom. Pads are very old (may ever be original) and would need to be replaced if you want to do more than just noodle around on the horn.


Holton as a saxophone manufacturer never really took off like their contemporaries (namely Conn and Buescher). This is a gorgeous example of an early American made sax with some cool features that you don't see on other horns. Ships in a hard case.