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Original Silver First Series Martin Handcraft Alto Saxophone - Serial # 74815

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This is an original Martin Handcraft (first series) alto sax in original silver plating, serial number 74815. This alto looks fantastic and is playing as it sits to low Bb.


The Handcraft was Martin's first professional model sax and they produced it for over a decade. It features beveled tone holes and keywork to high F, including front F. This example shows gorgeous original matte silver plate with only light cosmetic wear and no major damages or trauma, with only minor past dent work in the bottom bow curve. The original neck shows the matching serial number and it too is in superb physical shape.


The previous owner had quite a few pads replaced a little while back, but there's a number of older pads that could still stand to go. All pads are matched with brown plastic resonators. The horn is sealing sell, couple minor leaks in the bottom register, but you if you squeeze just a bit on low E and D it will play all the way to low Bb. The sax could use a couple pads replaced and a good adjustment (the action feels a little loose and “clicky”) but even in its current state, it will get by in a pinch.


The tone on this Martin isn't especially dark, and you can push it hard, with a nice response and a bit of flexibility in its core. Though it hails from the 1920s, it still has that presence of the later 40's vintage Committee III models, and it commands a room. Nice little sax for the price.