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Original Silver CG Conn New Wonder II 'Chu Berry' Soprano Sax - Serial # 211956

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Beautiful all original silver plated CG Conn “Chu Berry” era soprano sax, serial number 211956. This soprano looks to have spent most of its life in its case, and thus it is in remarkable despite approaching 100 years old. It was recently repadded in another store and is playing well.


This soprano looks fantastic, with over 98% original finish intact. It features a matte silver plated body with burnished (shiny) silver plated keys, and gold wash inside the bell. There is no major finish wear to speak of anywhere, even on the touch points, and only very light cosmetic scratching inside the bell and here and there on the horn if you look closely. The silver was polished during its last repad and is just now starting to tarnish a bit.


This soprano has all the features of a 20s vintage Chu, with fingernail file G# and rolled tone holes. The tone holes have never been filed on and look brand new. The sax was repadded using leather pads matched with brown nylon resonators. They are sealing very well, but the horn doesn't have an ideal regulation it, and could a proper adjustment if you really want to optimize it, to even out the feel and make the action feel more uniform top to bottom.  It plays with a nice spread, not too dark but definitely warm, and edgy when you need it. 


Really fun horn to play and great for players who like the classic American sound on soprano.