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Original Pearl Side Key King Super 20 Alto Saxophone - Serial # 338052

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Product ID: 338052Super20Alto


HELP, I Want One!

Very nice, recently overhauled King Super 20 alto sax, serial number 338052. This is a “second series” Super 20, featuring pearl inlay on nearly all of the touch points, sunburst engraving on the B/Bb key cups, and a sterling silver neck with underslung octave key and double socket receiver. A tremendous top shelf alto that will hang with anything being made today.


This alto is in original lacquer, though as you can see in the photos, there isn't much lacquer left. It is worn on the bell and tube, but has never been relacquered/refinished. The sax has obviously been played well over its life, but still, I see just two noticeable past repairs: 2 minor resolders on feet of the low C and Eb keyguards. The neck is original, with matching serial number, and it too is in great physical condition.


This alto was last overhauled by top tech Matt Stohrer, using premium firm leather pads and machined brass flat metal resonators. It has not been played hard since the repad, and the action is still precise and quick under your fingers. The spring action is nice and light and it feels very fluid.


This Super 20 plays with a very full, warm tone, taking all of the air you can push through it without backing down. While these horns get a lot of attention for their power and edge, and rightfully so, I find this particular alto to have a very deep core. I think this is a more versatile Super 20 than some, and you'll find it equally on solid footing on ballads as in rock and roll. Ships in a small contoured gig case.