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Original Matte Silver C.G. Conn 'Chu Berry' Series Alto Sax - Serial # 223953

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Product ID: 223953ConnChuAlto

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This is a late 20s vintage Conn New Wonder II (“Chu Berry”) vintage alto saxophone, serial number 223953. This alto is in very good original matte silver plate and was repadded a few years ago in custom red leather pads with Noyak-style metal waffle resonators. It needs some work, with some leaks here and there, but with a fresh adjustment it will be a good player for you. We've priced it low to leave room for you to get that work done.


Physically, this alto is very straight. The original silver plated body shows tarnish but no major wear of note, including no noticeable dents and no resoldered joints. The sax features rolled tone holes, which are all in great shape with no evident signs of past filing, and has all the bells and whistles of a Conn of this era: trill G# in the right hand, fingernail file G# in the table, and a microtuner neck (which spins freely).


Pads on this alto look to be in very good shape, but there are some leaks up and down when you try to play it, and the action is not optimized. It could use a quality regulation by your preferred tech to really be ready to go.


Sonically, this alto has a rich, darker tone. With the leaks in it, the response isn't great, but I expect that to clean up once the work is completed, and I've never played a Conn from this era that didn't blow its butt off. Cool vintage horn at a low price.