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Original Lacquer King Zephyr Bari Sax - Project Repair or Parts Horn - Serial # 356271

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Our Price: $ 1,200.00

Product ID: 356271ZephyrBariTC

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We don't see very many original lacquer King Zephyr horns of any size, much less a bari. It seems 90%+ of them have been relacquered at some point. When we finally get one, unfortunately it is in rough shape. This is a 1957 vintage Zephyr, which has seen better days. It's a good project for serious techs, or as a parts horn for other projects.


As you can see in the photos, this horn has been beat around, with lots of dents, dings, and dimples throughout the sax. The lower Eb keyguard is missing, as is a guide post for one of those lower rods. Otherwise the horn is intact, with no other missing or broken keys. The neck is not original to the horn, but is from the same era, with serial number 346593. It is a double socket neck and matches the horn.


This bari is in need of a full overhaul plus an additional 10+ hours of dent work. It is not for the faint of heart, and would need an experienced tech with the right tools to make it look good again. If we put it in line in our repair shop, it wouldn't be ready until late next year, so we've decided to sell it as-is at a very low price. Whether you want to give it a go to properly restore it, or cannibalize it for other projects, the price is hard to beat. Ships in a hard case.