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Original Lacquer Early Vintage Martin Committee III Alto Sax - GREAT PRICE - Serial # 163896

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Product ID: 163896MartinAlto

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This is a 1947 vintage Martin Committee III alto sax, serial number 163896. Often called a “The Martin Alto” for the engraving on the bell, this particular sax was new in the model run, released just 3 years after this new model was introduced. It shows excellent lacquer coverage for its age, and will ship with a complete, professional overhaul from the Saxquest repair shop.


As you can see in the photos, the original lacquer on the “front” of the horn looks incredible, with wear mostly on the usual touch points. There's more wear on the back side, on the tube and whatnot. The neckstrap ring has been resoldered, leaving some lacquer loss from that work, and a non-original lyre holder has been added near the top of the tube. There's currently 3 small dents in the bottom bow area, which we will remove during our overhaul. A previous owner also etched some identification numbers on the tube, just below the serial number. The neck is original to the horn, with matching serial number. It has never been pulled down, and has had a pickup installed at some point. We'll remove that pickup and seal it with a flush plug, all included in the price.


Pads on this alto were really old and ready to be replaced before the sax is ready to play. Before shipping, we'll take the sax completely apart, do the mentioned dent and neck work, and replace all pads and material. Using premium firm leather pads, metal resonators, and the best synthetic material, we'll optimize the horn for its new owner, making sure you receive the sax in perfect playing shape so it is ready for you for the long haul. All work is included in the price. Ships in a hard case.