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Original Gold Plated CG Conn 'Chu Berry' Series Alto Sax - Serial # 226842

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Our Price: $ 2,500.00

Product ID: 226842ChuAlto

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Sweet gold plated 1929 vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II (“Chu Berry”) model alto sax, serial number 226842. This alto has been sitting for a long time, so don't let the tarnish fool you. This sax will be cleaned up, polished, and padded in our repair shop before shipping. All work to get this sax looking and playing perfectly is included in the price.


The original gold plating on this alto is in tremendous shape, showing only minor finish wear on a couple touch points. Using the right chemicals and a bit of elbow grease, we'll be able to shine this gem up like new. Physically, there are 2 previous repairs of note. There's a minor past ding in the body tube (has been fixed very well) and unfortunately a small crack in the bell near the bell flare (see pictures # 5 & 10). Not sure how that happened. What we'll do is fill it with silver solder and try to blend it as seamlessly as possible, though the repair will always be obvious.


Otherwise, the alto is very straight. The rolled tone holes have never been filed on and are in flawless shape, and there are no other signs of past damage or repair. The original neck, with microtuner mechanism, is included.


This alto came to us in older pads, ready for a fresh rebuild. Our overhaul will include all new pads and material, cleaning and polishing, and adjusting key heights and spring tensions for optimal feel and response. We'll bring it back to factory specs and get it to you playing wonderfully. If you've been looking for that sweet classic American jazz sound, look no further.