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Original COMPLETE Grafton 'Plastic Sax' Alto Saxophone - Serial # 10684

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This is a wonderful vintage Grafton alto saxophone, serial number 10684. The famous “plastic saxophone” as seen in the hands of Charlie Parker and Ornette Coleman, this is a must-have item for serious saxophone collectors. This one is complete, with no broken or missing pieces.


Due to its nature as a fragile instrument, the Grafton is often found with large cracks and broken (or entirely missing) plastic keyguards, but everything is intact on this one. There is just one small crack in the body tube, spreading right of the neckstrap ring. No other cracks that I can see, and all of the plastic keyguards are intact with no previous repairs. The original neck shows lacquer wear but no dents or prior damage. The sax is not playing as it sits, but that is to be expected; I've only ever played one Grafton that was really in tip-top playing shape, and we had restored it in our shop (and spent a lot of time doing so).


So many Graftons on the market have missing pieces or a busted up keyguard, but this one is completely intact and a neat find. During shipping, we'll take off the keyguards and wrap it safely so that it gets to you with no damage.