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NICE Original Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax w/ High F# - Serial # 130696

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Product ID: 130696MarkVITenor

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Beautiful condition Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax with keywork to high F#, serial number 130696. The serial number dates this sax to 1965, but you'd never guess it based on how good it looks. It has been kept in tremendous shape and has recently been repadded too.


This tenor looks incredible, with greater than 95% original lacquer intact. It is a Euro engraved model, so the lacquer color is a bit brighter than its American-engraved counterparts, and has a look almost like a modern Selmer, but it is definitely original. There are no serious past damages/dent work, and the only previous repair on the body is on the right hand thumbrest, which has been resoldered. The original neck has been slightly pulled down at some point with one minor ding removed from the side, but is still in solid shape to this day.


This tenor was repadded recently using firm leather pads and Noyak/Maestro series resonators. All pads remain in excellent shape, an the sax will get a fresh pro set up from our repair shop before shipping. We'll replace all key adjustment corks and felts, reseat pads as needed, and do a general cleaning and regulation.


This tenor plays with a clean, slightly focused tone, with strong presence that carries well. When you push a lot of air through it, its big sound really smacks you in the face! It has that famous Selmer warm core but isn't really an overly dark horn, just very warm. Very fun instrument to play.