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NICE Original Lacquer '48 Vintage THE MARTIN ALTO Sax - Serial # 167919

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Our Price: $ 2,250.00

Product ID: 167919MartinAltoTC

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This is a very clean, original lacquer Martin Committee III “The Martin Alto” saxophone, serial number 167919. This horn looks very nice for a horn that dates to 1948, with 85% original lacquer intact. It currently has some minor dings, but all that will be removed in our shop before shipping, as we'll be completing a full overhaul.


This alto shows just typical wear for a horn that has been played out in the real world. Most of the lacquer wear is on the usual keys and touch points. There's some minor dings and dimples in the bottom third of the body tube and bottom bow, front bumping up against chairs and stands, but no major past trauma. We'll correct all of that, as well as clean up a resolder or two here and there. The neck is original to the horn, with matching serial number, and it has never been pulled down.


Currently in our repair shop in line, the price includes our full overhaul. We'll take the horn completely apart, do the above-mentioned dent work, and replace all pads and material, using premium firm leather pads, metal resonators, and the best synthetic material for long life and positive feel. We'll make it play better than the day it left the factory!


As the pads are old, the sax is not playing as it sits, but I've played a whole bunch of these classic Martin Committee III's and I'm always impressed. They make great pro level horns for players on a budget, because they have a big, robust sound and aren't focused or “tight” sounding as many modern saxophones. Good classic American jazz alto.