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NICE Original Buescher Aristocrat BIG B Tenor Sax - Serial # 306212

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Our Price: $ 2,300.00

Product ID: 306212BigBTenor

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Very clean original lacquer Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” series tenor sax, serial number 306212. This tenor is in solid shape and will get a full, fresh overhaul from our repair shop before shipping. It will come to you in perfect playing shape.


As you can see in the photos, the original lacquer on this tenor is in very nice condition, showing typical scratching and playing wear, but excellent lacquer coverage throughout. The sax currently has a smattering of tiny pings in the bottom bow, but all will be carefully removed and smoothed out in our shop during the overhaul. The neck was slightly pulled down in the past, but we'll correct that as well. Everything needed to make the sax absolutely perfect will be done, and all is included in the price.


This tenor came to us on a newer pad job that honestly wasn't done very well, so we are going to redo it. We'll use premium firm leather pads, and the sax still has all of its original Buescher snap-in metal resonators, which we'll retain. It also has ll of its original amber rollers and gold plated Norton springs. Once put back together, we'll optimize the key heights and spring tensions, tighten up the action, so that it feels just like it did the day it left the factory in 1945.


I really dig the Big B models, as I think they are the best balance between the earlier Aristocrats (warm sound) but seem more open and “bigger” sounding. Could be my imagination, but these horns always seem very lively to me, with a really good resonance. Great jazz instrument, but you can definitely dial it back with the right mouthpiece. Ships in a Protec contoured case.