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New Yamaha Custom V1, E1, and C1 Necks for Alto Saxophone

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Multiple Finishes Available

Yamaha's Custom series necks are an excellent upgrade for players looking to change up their sound. Available in three different bores and a multitude of finish/lacquer choices, there are a multitude of options to create the exact sound you are looking for.


  • The Custom V1 neck (standard on the Custom EX and Custom Z altos) has the largest bore of all the Yamaha necks. It is free blowing and extremely flexible, providing the player access to a more extreme dynamic range and a wider palette of tonal expression.
  • The Custom C1 neck has the smallest bore, which provides the player with the greatest possible control for a quick response, excellent intonation, and a focused tone. The perfect classical neck.
  • The Custom E1 neck has a more gradual bore taper and thus offers the best balance between the V1 and C1. It plays with excellent control of the air flow for a quick response and superb intonation. A very versatile neck suitable for a wide range of playing styles.


Saxquest offers these necks as a special order only. Please allow extra delivery time to get them in and ship. Feel free to email us with any questions.