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New Yamaha Custom Series YFG-812 II Professional Bassoon

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MSRP: $ 34,340.00
Our Price: $ 24,012.99

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The Yamaha Custom Series YFG-812 II (second series) bassoon is a fine, professional bassoon. It delivers a rich sound which allows control of the most subtle tone shadings in delicate passages, while letting you open the sound up beyond traditional limits. With redesigned tonehole shapes and positions, and ergonomic “finger friendly” key shapes, they also feature extremely accurate intonation and a comfortable playability.


This is a Heckel system, maple bassoon. There are many additional options, but standard it includes high C, high D, 6 roller keys (low C#, low Eb, F#, Ab little finger, Ab thumb, F), Bb key guard, balancer, F/G trill key, E/F# trill key, and fully silver plated nickel-silver keys. Included is a neck strap, hand crutch, and 2 bocals. Also available is the YFG-812IIC, which has all the same features in a compact body style. Please note this horn is SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.