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New 'Water' Classical Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone by Theo Wanne

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The New Classical Mouthpiece for Alto by T. Wanne
This is the “Water” for alto saxophone made by Theo Wanne. The Water was developed over by Theo to provide the classical player with a versatile mouthpiece with a rich dark color. These pieces are manufactured with a unqiue small chamber and throat in order to properly focus the air stream. 
The tip opening on the Water measures .067”. This is similar to the opening on the Selmer S80 C*. 
The Shark-Gill Baffle developed by Theo is also very unique. It both channels and disrupts the airstream at the same time. This is similar to the flow of water over a sharks skin allowing it to travel faster. The air fills up the full volume of the small chamber/throat more efficiently.
You will find the WATER to have enough resistance for the classical musician, yet it never feels clogged or like you must fight the mouthpiece. The WATER comes only in size 3.