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NEW Selmer Paris SUPREME Alto Saxophone in Sterling Silver

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MSRP: $ 32,471.00
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Product ID: SelmerSupreme92A


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Selmer's Newest Premier Model Alto Saxophone

This is the newest model from Selmer Paris, the Supreme. Announced on February 25, 2021, the Supreme is the first completely new model introduced by Selmer Paris since the introduction of the Reference series in 2003. It has been in design for a long time, and is finally come to professional players the world over.


The Supreme is a completely redesigned horn. While built on the popular Mark VI body tube, everything from tone hole placement and design, to neck, to key layout is all new. The neck and bell both have a new bore design, and attention to every minor detail of the saxophone has been thought out for today's player. Things like the front F key, the side Bb/C/high Eb keys, etc., have all been subtly moved for increased comfort and ease of play. In addition, this horn has new innovations throughout, like a stabilizing bar above the middle F key, a hinge mechanism on the left hand pinky keys (a popular design borrowed from the Series III soprano), and a new neck tenon fastener at the top of the horn. Even subtle changes like a minor shift in the high F# key are welcome changes to make the Supreme the most comfortable playing horn available today.


All of those physical changes are welcome, but the Supreme sets itself apart in sound as well. It plays with unrivaled intonation and superb control. It is an effortless player allowing whispers to low Bb. Its warm color and depth of tone is perfect for all genres from classical to jazz.


We're excited to make available for the first time, the Selmer Paris Supreme. It ships with a new Selmer Paris Concept series mouthpiece, with ligature and cap, newly designed neckstrap, and in a brand new case. The case was designed in conjunction with BAM, and is not available anywhere else.


We are now taking advance orders for the 92A, featuring a sterling silver body with gold keys. These are available as SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Please expect a lengthy wait, but we'll get one to you as soon as possible!