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NEW! Selmer Paris Signature Bb Clarinet

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Selmer Signature Bb

Saxquest is very excited to now present the full line of professional clarinets by Selmer Paris.  This is the Signature model Bb clarinet.  

The Signature model Selmer Paris clarinet represents a very different sound of clarinet compared to other models on the market. The Signature utilizes raised up tone holes, which helps provide a more focused tone while maintaining a very precise responding instrument. Professionals worldwide praise the Signature clarinet for its depth of sound and uniformly dark, clear tone quality in all ranges and dynamics. Playing with slightly more resistance than the other Selmer clarinets, the Signature requires a more efficient and free-blowing set-up. After adjusting and balancing your mouthpiece and reed you will find even the softest pianissimos respond with less embouchure effort. With the Signature you concentrate on making music instead of struggling with the instrument.

Also available is the SIGNATURE EVOLUTION. This innovation is based on a new generation resin interior lining of the upper joint, providing better stability and longevity to the instrument, while preserving the acoustic qualities of the traditional wooden clarinet.



  • Bore Diameter: 14.50 mm / .571 inch
  • Two Barrels: 64.5 mm & 62.5 mm
  • Left Hand Eb lever
  • Silver Plated Key Work
  • Adjustable Thumbrest
  • Leather Pads
  • Blue Steel Springs