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NEW P Mauriat PM-350GL Bass Saxophone in Gold Lacquer

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MSRP: $ 31,099.00
Our Price: $ 21,799.00
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We are happy to present the new P Mauriat PM-350GL Bass Saxophone in gold lacquer. This is a well built horn for the professional musician looking to add to their lineup.
This horn features keywork from low Bb to high F#, and to accomodate multiple playing styles, it has a triple strap neckstrap ring and a floor peg. The keywork is crisp and tight under your fingers. For players who are used to only playing on old vintage Conn and Buescher basses, the modern keywork is a big bonus. Everything feels fluid and comfortable. Sonically, it takes your air well, though being a bass, you still lots of it!
This bass ships in a great hard case from P Mauriat, and does get a pro set up from our repair shop before shipping. We'll box it well to prevent damage in transit. If you are outside the USA, please email us for a quote to get it to you safely. Unfortunately, you can expect some heavy import duties / taxes on this one.
Most saxophonists have only been able to dream of owning a bass before now, but this is a great opportunity to take the plunge and get a modern, professional level horn to fill out the collection.