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NEW P Mauriat 66RCL Tenor Saxophone

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MSRP: $ 7,049.00
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Our New Favorite! Look!!
The P. Mauriat saxophones have quickly gained in popularity because of their excellent quality at fantastic prices. The 66R is designed with rounded tone holes. The rounded tone holes provide a tight seal to the pads and allow for quieter key action. Its key ergonomics are smooth and fluid giving the player a fast and positive response under the fingers. 
The 66R gives the player the sonic flexibility and key feel very reminiscent to a good Selmer Mark VI and its fat low end is definitely akin to American vintage horns like C.G. Conn and Buescher. We are particularly excited about this horn, the 66RCL. It has what Mauriat calls the "Cognac Lacquer" because it has a dark smokey look. We also like it because it very closely resembles the look of the old original lacquer Mark VI's from the mid 50's. It also has rolled tone holes. These provide for a better seal for your pads and a quieter key action. This horn also features beautiful hand engraving.
We have spent a lot of time playing these instruments, and have come to the conclusion that you just can't get a better sax for the money. We played them side by side with many saxes in the shop, including vintage Mark VI's, and came away impressed with their projection, richness of sound, and overall character of tone. Intonation is excellent, and they play with a very warm full sound. The tenor especially has a big powerful voice and blows easily in all registers, from low Bb up through the altissimo.
Every P. Mauriat sax we sell does come with our full set up, which includes a complete regulation and adjustment. We thoroughly play-test every instrument after the set up, to insure the saxophone is in perfect playing condition. The sax does come with our full one year warranty.
We are very excited to have these great horns available. Please visit P. Mauriat's website at www.pmauriatmusic.com.