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NEW Fox Professional Model II Bassoon

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MSRP: $ 32,142.00
Our Price: $ 26,470.00

Product ID: FoxIIBassoon


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Saxquest is proud to now offer Fox Products. These instruments are available as a special order only, so please contact us about wait times before placing your order.


The Model II bassoon is a modern version of the original Fox design. It is patterned after the bassoons played by Hugo Fox in the Chicago Symphony, and features a round, clear, dark tone that blends well with other instruments.


As these instruments are made to order, there are a host of options that can be added to truly personalize the instrument to your needs. This model comes standard with a high E key, high A bridge with roller, right hand whisper key lock type II slide, high D key, and Bb guard. Additional options include :


body lock · offset high E key · single high E & F keys · double high E key · double high E & F keys · offset high E & F keys · left hand Eb trill key · right hand Eb trill w/ alt C position · combination right & left hand Eb trill · thumb Ab / Bb trill key · whisper key lock, left hand · right hand whisper key lock, type 1 · right hand whisper key lock tope III rotary · little finger whisper key · right thumb whisper key spatula · auxiliary low C extension · high G# / A ring key · low C & D spatulas for right thumb · low E to F connection · automatic low Eb mechanism · single spatula low Eb / Db mechanism · articulated low E / F# trill key · articulated Ab / Bb trill with clutch · C# trill key guard · rollers · crown on pancake key · double wide little finger F# key w/ roller · double wide little finger F# without roller · plateau key, left hand third finger · plateau key, right forefinger · balance hanger · tone hole inserts · left thumb spatula for low Eb · auxiliary low C# mechanism, left thumb · auxiliary low C# spatula, left thumb · two piece bass joint with special case


We are excited to make these prestigious instruments available. Email us if you have any questions.