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NEW Fox Professional Model 601 Bassoon

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MSRP: $ 38,572.00
Our Price: $ 31,765.00

Product ID: Fox601Bassoon


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Saxquest is proud to now offer Fox Products. These instruments are available as a special order only, so please contact us about wait times before placing your order.


The Model 601 was first released by Fox Products in 1991. Designed to project a large, dark tone to meet the needs of soloists and orchestral players, it was the first Fox design with thicker walls and larger tone holes. In addition, it has extra length in both the bass and wing joints to produce an even greater depth of sound and more powerful low register.


As these instruments are made to order, there are a host of options that can be added to truly personalize the instrument to your needs. This model comes standard with a high E key, high A bridge with roller, right hand whisper key lock type II slide, high D key, and Bb guard. Additional options include :


body lock · offset high E key · single high E & F keys · double high E key · double high E & F keys · offset high E & F keys · left hand Eb trill key · right hand Eb trill w/ alt C position · combination right & left hand Eb trill · thumb Ab / Bb trill key · whisper key lock, left hand · right hand whisper key lock, type 1 · right hand whisper key lock tope III rotary · little finger whisper key · right thumb whisper key spatula · auxiliary low C extension · high G# / A ring key · low C & D spatulas for right thumb · low E to F connection · automatic low Eb mechanism · single spatula low Eb / Db mechanism · articulated low E / F# trill key · articulated Ab / Bb trill with clutch · C# trill key guard · rollers · crown on pancake key · double wide little finger F# key w/ roller · double wide little finger F# without roller · plateau key, left hand third finger · plateau key, right forefinger · balance hanger · tone hole inserts · left thumb spatula for low Eb · auxiliary low C# mechanism, left thumb · auxiliary low C# spatula, left thumb · two piece bass joint with special case


We are excited to make these prestigious instruments available. Email us if you have any questions.