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New BAM Cabine Series Cases for Tenor Sax

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MSRP: $ 496.00
Our Price: $ 422.00

Product ID: BAMCabinTenorCase


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The BAM Cabine series are the smallest, most compact sax cases we've ever seen. They were designed around the idea of carrying it on to the cabin of a plane. These cases are tiny! The outside of the case features anti-shock textured ABS shells, with rings for the 2 included neoprene anti-slip backpack straps with security hooks. Closed via 3 soft-touch latches and secured with the included key. The inside of the case is made of injected high density polyurethane foam. There is a pouch to fit the neck down inside the bell of the sax, and a separate pouch for mouthpiece to sit inside the lining of the case behind the sax, but because the case dimensions are so small, there is no other room for other accessories.

This case is molded to fit a Selmer Mark VI, and while it will fit several other modern horns like saxes from Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, etc., it will not fit any of the “big bell” or vintage saxes. We typically stock this case in black, but other colors are available as a special order.